A formula for greatness


Greatness is elusive. Sometimes, it’s easy to spot. Other times, it takes a lifetime to notice. There are few things so sought out, yet so widely defined.

In order to define greatness, we must know average. And in order for us to know average we have to recognize what is ordinary or normal.

Look around to find what is considered normal. Is it a product, an experience, a sound, a taste?

Nothing begins great, but everything has the potential to cross the chasm from mediocre to memorable – from mundane to magical.

Find those things. Hunt for them.

You’ll know them when you see them. You will feel them. They will glow with potential. They will groan with fatigue. They will pale in comparison to your vision of what they could be.

But, what produces greatness?

Energy + Commitment

With enough energy and commitment, anything can be great.

When you find something worth improving, spend days, weeks, years, a lifetime resisting average. Know what fuels you and fill up often.

When you grow tired, remember this is just the beginning.

When people doubt…
When resources are sparse…
When hope is absent…
When applause is faint…
When time plays its dirty tricks and loneliness finds you…

Those moments are when you can rise above ordinary reactions and impulses and to apply energy and commitment. These are the opportunities for greatness to surface.

It doesn’t matter where you begin, but that you define and reach the end.

So go, be great.