From Detroit…


Ten days ago, I submitted a video and a few essay answers for a grant opportunity for Experience Institute’s work with college students.

A few days later, I found out we were a finalist for the mid-tier level, roughly $180,000. The final step is to pitch in front of a group of judges and a live audience.

After a crazy week of preparation on top of an already full schedule, I’m now on a flight to Detroit.

I land at 11:20am EST and pitch at 12:25pm EST.

So today, there’s a new mounting pressure that I haven’t felt in a while. I believe, to my bones, that higher education ought to be infused with more real-world experience, and those opportunities should be accessible to students of all backgrounds and demographics. And my team and I have spent years trying different things to support a wider array of individuals. I believe our most recent concepts are the most viable and these resources could help move that work forward.

But will it happen?
Will this be another “almost?”
What story will I write after this experience?

In any case, there’s a mission to pursue. A company to build. A team to support. And students, families, and universities who need this work. That’s what matters.

So whatever happens, I’ll be back next Wednesday.

And I hope you will too.


PS: If you’re in Chicago this Thursday and want to watch the finals at our workspace, WeWork Kinzie, RSVP here.