Too Good to Be False


There are a lot of things in life we should be skeptical of.

Free things.
Cheap things.
Too much of a thing.
Things with no consequences.
Shortcuts to things.
Things where the reward is far greater than the cost or effort…

And I agree. You should be skeptical of those things. They are likely too good to be true.

But really good things, the things that are good to their very core, are so pure…they are nothing but absolutely true.

A mother who selflessly cares for her sons, even when she’s dealing with the loss of her husband.
An old couple reaching for one another’s hands on an evening walk.
Seeing a man return to his family in the airport after a tour of duty.
A community of strangers sharing a common bond and rallying for just and equal rights.
Spotting a young couple lingering outside of an apartment building, and finally sharing a parting kiss.
An embrace between people who come from different backgrounds and belief systems.
Catching the sun as it pours its rays through tree branches on an evening hike.

The list is longer than you think. It includes moments when the wrong in the world is eclipsed by the goodness before you. They are the things that spark hope and inspire you to be better.

Those are the things we need more of.
And they are the ones you and I can make. Anytime.

Even today.