You’re Not Perfect (and no one needs you to be)


No matter how hard you try, nothing will be perfect.

I know that may sound pessimistic; but the truth is, most things will go differently than you expected.

  • The new thing you purchased will eventually break, get damaged, or become obsolete.
  • The idea you have will take more work than you envisioned and yield different results than you anticipated.
  • The thing you’re building won’t be as smooth or as polished as you had hoped.
  • Someone you greatly admired will make a mistake.

No amount of money or resources can change these scenarios.

But here’s the thing: It’s ok.

Perfection is an endless pursuit that leads to heartache, fatigue, and disappointment. If you’re feeling frustrated, redirect your energy from perfection to excellence.

Excellence is the act of practice multiplied by consistency and reflection.

It’s striving to do your best each day and in each moment – paying attention to the times when things went wrong and adjusting to make them better.

It’s hard to remember this in the moment. We are inundated with short snippets of lives that seem perfect. So we build grand ideas of the perfect partner, the perfect home, the right amount of well-curated possessions, the overnight-business success, and just enough unique experiences to seem cultured and adventurous.

Those pursuits of perfection may seem great on the surface,
but they won’t leave you satisfied.

Find simple healthy rhythms and keep to them.
Push through the challenges by pausing to look back.
Lean on your community for advice and support.
Redirect as needed.

You’ll get to the end more healthy than when you began.
That’s excellence.

You won’t be perfect.
No one needs you to be.

But you can be excellent.


PS: Thanks for all of the support last week. We made it to the very last round, but didn’t receive the grant (quick story here). Thanks for your responses and support!