I’m an author, educator, founder, and CEO. In 2012, I designed my own Masters by completing 12 projects in 12 months. I called it The Leap Year Project and my experiences culminated with staging my graduation at a local TEDx and publishing a book of stories focused on the power of learning through risk. I later launched Experience Institute, an organization helping college students and career professionals learn and grow through real-world experiences focused on core skills for the future of work.

In 2015, I was inducted into Forbes 30 Under 30 in the field of education. And in 2017, I joined the team at Stanford’s School of Engineering as a Lecturer in Design, helping students reimagine their learning through experience.

Things I’ve been a part of:
Experience Institute | Founder & CEO
Stanford | Lecturer in Design & Project Lead for Design Summer
Experience Lab at Penn | Co-Founder & Co-Director
The Shapeless Shape | Co-Author
Leap Kit | Co-Creator & Director
Leap Year Project | Creator & Author
Stanford – 2025 Project | Collaborator
Digital Physical | Designer
EPIC Board of Directors | Board Member
Chicago Global Shapers | Member
Chicago Ideas Week CO-OP | Brain Trust

TEDxMidwest Emerging Leaders
U360 Award & Davey Award | Leap Year Project Book
2014 GOOD 100
Tech.Co’s Top 20 Startup Founders Under 30 (Chicago)
Forbes 30 Under 30
Core77 Design Award for Leap Kit

Leap Year Project Book Trailer

The Shapeless Shape Trailer